Message from Wayne Wakefield/CEO

We at Nevada Business Corporations do not just file corporations or LLCs, but create the very structure of your business so that it meets your visionary goals. The possibilities are endless when a company is birthed out of the imagination and dreams of its creator; that creator is you!

Just imagine taking an idea from a thought, putting it down on paper and creating something out of nothing! Well, that is how all things are created— from the invisible to a viable profit-making company. The problem, however, is that very few know how to begin from a foundation of knowledge, make the plan, structure it properly and move forward to the next step. You cannot “Stay Confused and Stumble Forward” forever!…. Read More


Do not be fooled by the $99 to $149 specials out there! This is a ploy to get you to file your corporation articles CHEAP! It is true your articles can be filed for this price, but what is not explained is that YOUR CORPORATION IS NOT COMPLETE nor acceptable in any court, nor can be filed properly with the IRS!

YOUR CORPORATION MUST HAVE a Resident Agent, EIN number, State License, Bi-laws, Stock Certificates, Stock Ledger and Initial Board of Directors. It SHOULD HAVE Articles that protect the Board of Directors and Shareholders and list all the terms and conditions of the corporation’s structure. IT SHOULD ALSO HAVE a Nevada Bank Account and Mail Forwarding Service so to have proper presence in the state.… Read More