Wayne Wakefield Is One of The World's Top Money & Business Experts!

He Will Teach You How To Think About Money In A Different Way More Than Any Other "Financial Expert" Out There...Because He Lives What He Preaches And Is Still Doing Business Deals On A Daily Basis

Wayne Wakefield, is not only a successful businessman with 40 years in the financial services and real estate business, he's also an amazon.com #1 Best Selling author "The 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money"

Who told you, you had to pay for your home, car, house, and boat? Get someone else to pay for them!

Who told you, you had to qualify for bank loans in order to invest and purchase millions in real estate? You don't!

Where did you learn it takes a college education, good credit and a savings account to become wealthy and financially independent? That has never been true!

Wayne Is The Amazon.com Best-Selling Author Of

The 40 Unbreakable Laws of Money

  • Law #1: The Poor Can't Help The Poor

  • Law #3: Do What Makes Money "First!"

  • Law #22: You Make Money When You Buy, Not When You Sell

  • Law #28: Do Not Fear The IRS, Learn The Rules

  • Law #33: It Isn't Always What You Own That Counts, But What You Control

"After one day of consulting with Wayne I had completely restructured my business to optimize it for maximum success, legal protection, and saved over $11,000 in taxes. This guy is the real deal and I'll be using him as a coach for many years to come. Can't thank him enough!"

Jared Mast

Internet Marketer

“Everyone wants to make more money, keep more money, and have the things money buys, and you’ve written and incredible book…everything in here is just so valuable”


Jack Canfield

Americas #1 Success Coach, Founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul Enterprises

A Message From The CEO

"I have hundreds of stories where people are desperate to change their financial lives along with new entrepreneurs starting their businesses.

When I have ever started a business, I always immediately file corporate documents, apply for an EIN number, licenses and open up the corporate business account. This doesn’t make you an expert in business, but it sets the foundation for receiving the highest liability protection and tax advantages possible. “I Never Start a Business Without Being Protected!” This means “Never!”

I believe it is imperative you set a strong foundation for your business and it will remain steadfast when you are at the top!"

-Wayne Wakefield

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